Introductory Kvetnansky Lecture

James P. Herman, USA

Rethinking Stress: Glucocorticoids, Context and Adaptation

Invited Lectures (tentative titles)

Iveta Bernatova, Slovakia

Stress and hypertension development

Nikolay Dygalo, Russia

Expression of glutamate signaling genes associated with stress vulnerability or resilience

Roman Duncko, United Kingdom

The role of childhood trauma and HPA axis activity in recurrent pattern of depression

Mario Engelmann, Germany

How does intracerebrally released vasopressin contribute to the coordination of the mammalian endocrine and behavioural stress response? A view from rat studies

Murray Esler, Australia

Origins and consequences of the two disparate phenotypes of sympathetic nervous system activation in hypertension: Influence of chronic mental stress and obesity

Ludmila Filaretova, Russia

Stress, glucocorticoids and gastrointestinal diseases

David Goldstein, USA

“Sick but not dead”: Multiple paths to catecholamine deficiency in Lewy body diseases

Valery Grinevich, Germany

Oxytocinergic circuits of the amygdala: finding points of intervention for fear and stress

Daniela Jezova, Slovakia

Bed to bench feedback loop in searching the role of aldosterone in mental disorders

Lori Knackstedt, USA

Sex differences in animal models of anxiety and PTSD

Onno C. Meijer, The Netherlands

Glucocorticoid receptor modulation: the potential to reverse stress induced changes

Harald Murck, USA, Germany

Dynamic morphological brain changes and their potential role in therapy refractory depression

Karel Pacak, USA

New treatment options for pheochromocytoma

Marek Schwendt, USA

Glutamatergic mechanisms of stress resilience

Hermona Soreq, Israel

Non-coding RNAs and traumatic memories

Barbara Ukropcova, Slovakia

In search of eustressors: molecular mediators of exercise benefits

Dora Zelena, Hungary

Posttraumatic stress disorder as a metabolic disease

Michal Zeman, Slovakia

Does circadian disruption exacerbate stress response?

Michael Ziegler, USA

Stress adaptation to a year in space