Recommended poster size is 110 cm high and 90 cm wide.

Please note, that the deadline of the submission is April 15, 2019.

The abstracts will be evaluated and accepted based on their scientific quality. The Organizing Committee will select a limited number of participants for oral communication. Other selected communications of high quality will be included in the Scientific Program as poster presentations. Details concerning both oral and poster presentations will be provided to selected participants together with the letter of acceptance of their contribution.

In the case the number of high-quality abstracts will exceed the capacity of participants in the Castle, the Committee will select the fully registered participants on the principle: first came, first served.

Required format of abstract:
- The file saved as [surname].doc or [surname].docx
- Title of abstract with bold and capital font
- Type of font: ARIAL
- Size of font: 12
- Line spacing: 1.0
- Alignment: justified
- Maximum number of abstract characters is 1900 (without title, names, and affiliations)
- The abstract should not be structured.